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Taiwan Concord Capital Securities (TCCS) and Concord Asset Management (CAM) are both companies registered and licensed in Hong Kong. Our licenses are for: Dealing in securities (Type 1), Dealing in futures contracts (Type 2), Advising on securities (Type 4), and Asset management (Type 9). We provide clients with mult-dimensional services from securities/futures brokerage, wealth management, asset management, to investment advisory.

Hong Kong - the financial hub in Greater China
TCCS and CAM have been founded in Hong Kong for more than 20 years; they complement Concord Securities Group’s presence in the area of Greater China by making clients access to the international market. In 2013, TCCS and CAM were accredited with Golden Torch Award - Top-10 Manager, Client Satisfaction Awards by OEMA (Outstanding Enterprise Manager Association), and Outstanding Securities & Firm Exceptional Banking and Finance Award 2013 - Excellence in Online Trading Platform by “Capital Weekly” (a publication of South China Media).

24-hour dealing
We offer all-year, non-stop trading access to stock markets and futures markets around the world. Investors are able to enjoy personalized support and services from anywhere at any time. We provide clients a unified gateway to stock markets in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, USA, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Australia. We have connections with world’s major futures exchanges including CBOT, CME, NYMEX, COMEX, ENPAR, EUREX, IPE, KLCE, KLOFFE, KSE, LIFFE, NYBOT, OSE, SIMEX, SFE, TOCOM, TSE, LME, and HKEX to bring clients the most comprehensive selection of index futures, currency futures, and commodity futures.

Optimized investment solutions
We manage clients’ asset (including stocks, futures, funds, bonds and other investments) and have been offering one-stop shopping to investment immigration counseling for the last 7 years.

Customized fund platform
In addition to being a distributor for worldwide fund products, we manage customized fund platform and fund issuance, are able to devise private financial solutions to suit clients’ needs. Our team of professionals is well-experienced in business practices throughout Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. The team dedicates itself to the study of quantitative models, and puts theory to practical test to achieve optimal returns under manageable risks. Today, we have developed time-tested trading strategies for futures, equity, fixed income and other instruments to provide clients with the most comprehensive service.

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