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Taiwan Concord Capital Securities (HK) Ltd.
Taiwan Concord Capital Securities HK., Ltd, (TCCS), was established in 1994. It began with a investment of HKD$48,750,000 from the parent company Concord Securities Corp and it is a fully owned subsidiary of Concord Securities Corp.
The company is a licensed broker under HKSFC, the main business scopes include placement of Hong Kong and global stocks in the primary market, stocks trading and margin trading in the secondary Hong Kong stock markets. In 1995, TCCS (HK) financed Concord Capital Management HK., Ltd, known as CCM (HK) with HKD$ 2.25 million, it mainly operates as an investment consulting firm.

TCCS (HK) has a quality and professional team in Hong Kong. With an average of 10 years of brokerage experiences, our sales team members are often interviewed by the medias and has very high exposure and are well-known in the market. Since 2004, TCCS (HK) has been actively seeking clients from Taiwan business owners in Hong Kong and China to offer private financial services
and asset management in order to promote our competitiveness.

In 2006, based on the policy of globalization from the parent Group, we actively seek elites with backgrounds in overseas investment, asset management, and international sales trading network. To make the Group's investment reaching out globally, we are increasing our proprietary positions and strengthening the business of asset management and setting up of a global trading platform. Additionally, based on the Group's " global customer service initiatives " , we are elevating the internal operating standards and continuously increasing the efficiency of our network systems and the quality of our team members in order to provide our clients with a trusted and reliable quality management platform, we aim high to become one of the leading asset management that offers private banking services in the region.

TCCS (HK) strengthens the 2-way interactions and investment consulting between Hong Kong and Taipei by providing market analysis services to each other and thus expands the service scope in both places. In addition, TCCS also serves as a stepping stone for our expansion into China, for both TCCS (HK), and CCM (HK) fits the CEPA's definition of Hong Kong companies. Both companies' Hong Kong licensed representatives can be converted into
Chinese license. Presently, TCCS (HK) may set up offices in China to conduct market research, while CCM (HK) may conduct financial consultation services in China.

More beneficial measurements will be released with the advent of 2008 Beijing Olympic. Hong Kong is expected to commence a continual bullish market for as long as 4 years. TCCS (HK) will seize this opportunity and increase its market share in brokerage, enter the era of high profitability and further itself into Chinese market.
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